Friday, February 24, 2012


Last weekend I had the awesome privledge of seeing my son and his friends at college.  The weather turned out to be so beautiful that we decided on saturday to take a "little" hike up the mountain. 

 Now the original sight we wanted to see was only about a 15 minute hike...But Once we got there, my son's roomate asked if we wanted to get a "little more exercise and see more of the mountian. My son's roomate worked on the trails there and said he knew of a great spot that looked out over the mountain. It was such a beautiful day, so why not?

I soon found out why not....almost 2 hours later.  I had lost feeling in my shins, thighs, and booty!  I was sweaty, tired, and my mouth was so dry I could spit cotton.   All I could see was the mountain in front of us, that kept climbing up!  When we finally got to the top and it was really beautiful. 

I wish I could say I drank it all in and enjoyed the majesty of nature and how creative God is!  I can't, because all I could think of was getting down the mountain to sonic and getting a 44oz Cherry Limade...(it was happy hour!) 

The next day I realized I had not allowed myself to enjoy the hike as much as I should have.  I got great exercise, fresh air, and I did sleep like a baby that night.   It had really been a great day, but I was not as prepared as I would have liked (like using the bathroom and bringing water) so I didn't get as much joy out of it, as I should have.

How many times have we done that in our life?  God has the days planned for us.  He says so in Psalms 139:16.  He also says in 2 Timothy 3:17 "That using scriptures, the person who serves God will be capable, having all that is needed to do every good work." 

Everyday God has something wonderful to show us, but we choose to sleep in, not open his word, so we feel so unprepared that we miss the adventure laid out before us.  God has given us all we need in His Word and through the Holy Spirit living in us, that we have all we need to "Hike" through each day and enjoy it.  Didn't God also say He came to give us life MORE abundantly! 

I don't know about you, but I don't want to be at the end of life and realize I never fully enjoyed the view!

And Bryan I take back all the bad things I said about you...You can still be friends with Stephen!  Love you man!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I was on line and came aross these video's about being a Pastor's wife.  They truly touched my heart.  If you are a Pastor's Wife please know you are not alone.  If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a Pastor's wife then click on the link below and enjoy.  There were 3 different video's, this one was my favorite.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I'm pretty sure Mandisa would say she is free in Christ.  But, I'm actually talking about my Mandisa CD.  If you have followed me on my blog you know I got my favorite CD stuck in the car CD player.   I was slightly devastated, then it turned to annoyance, then it became a mission.

Every time I got in the car I'd, hit eject hoping the CD would pop out.  Then I started hitting potholes on purpose so it might just pop out.  Finally, I googled.  (Yes, I googled) 

Not that it was much help...At first.  Everything said, "take it to the car dealer" or "Take it to a place that installs stereo equipment"  Duh, I knew that.   Finally one last entry I read said, "Take a thin knife and put tape on the end, backwards.  (So it's sticky all the way around.)  Hit eject and the CD will stick to the knife and you can pull it out!"  Genius!!!!!  ( I won't tell you the site was called "You might be a redneck...") JK

Well it worked!  I am waking up to "A Good Morning"  everyday this week!  As always I had to stop and ask, " Is there a spiritual lesson in this?"  THERE IS!!!!

I had read the google entry about the knife and tape several days ago.  I just didn't try it, because I thought it was a little silly.  Crazy really.  When I was out of other options I had nothing to lose...Then I tried...and it worked.

How many times has God told me to do something?  Something silly or even crazy.  You know, send a card, call a friend, invite someone to lunch.  OR  Trust God and tithe when I have bills due and don't get paid till NEXT week.  Apply for that job, Don't apply for that great job, write a blog, get on your knees and front of people!!!  AWWWWWW 

Just a few I have personally heard.  Yet I hesitate or don't try because it makes No sense whatsoever. 

You know I serve a God who asks crazy things of His people.  "Be in the world NOT of the World.   Love Your enemy as yourself"  "Love Me with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength"  "Be anxious for NOTHING"  "Pray about EVERYTHING"  oh the list goes on and on.

So maybe the next time I hear that voice, or feel that nudge from the Holy Spirit I will remember my favorite CD.  I will remember how it got stuck and how I got it out and I will obey without hesitation, no matter how crazy it sounds.  

I bet if I do it will make me "STRONGER"!  (Oh I crack myself up!)  hint listen to Mandisa CD

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I am having a trip down memory lane this week.  Why?  Tomorrow my only son turns 21!  (Happy Birthday if you are reading this Son.) I am not sure where the time went?  Seriously.  It seems like yesterday I was in labour and now he is officially a man. 

It has sent my mind racing to where the time went, but also to all the moments that grew him into the godly man he has become.  For example, the time he and his big sis were in the pool and she tried to baptize him, but told him he had to repent first.  He exclaimed, "What is Repent?"  To which she answered, "Because you are a sinner you need to say sorry to Jesus!".  He yelled at the top of his 3 year old lungs, "I am not a sinner and if you say it again I will punch you in the mouth!"  Awwww good times. 

Thank goodness he did finally figure out he was a sinner and he did accept Jesus into his life.

 Another defining moment was when we moved to New York.

 He was a new 5th grader in a huge school.  He was also a quiet kid and shy kid.  (Man did he grow out of that.  I will take credit...or blame for that one)
He had been in school 4 months and they were about to have Christmas Break.  I had went up to the school to help with the class party and happened to pass by the lunch room.  There were over 365 kids...all 5th graders eating lunch.  It was crazy loud with kids yelling and teachers trying keep everyone in their seats.  I peeked in to see my son, when I noticed he was sitting all by himself.  Not a soul around him.  I was a little shocked.  Was he in trouble?  Was he having a bad day?  I let it go until after school.  When he came home I asked him why he had sat alone.  (I still tear up 10 years later thinking of his little face) He looked up with those beautiful M&M eyes and said, "I have no friends, I've been eating lunch alone since school started." 

I hugged him and put on my bravest face and said, with more confidence than I was feeling, "Then we are going to pray God sends you a friend!" (Then I went to the bathroom and cried really hard)
 We started praying everyday for God to please send a friend.  The next Sunday after church, my son busted through the auditorium doors yelling, "Mom, God answered our prayers!"  Sure enough God and brought a new family to visit that Sunday and they had a son in the 5th grade.  (Who was also quiet and shy.)  They immediately became buds.  They played in band together, quit band together, played football together, and Sr. Year Captained the Football team together.  Now they are both in Bible College together and share an apartment together.  (Actually, they are dating best friends.)  They also have birthday's the same week only 2 days apart!  God Truly Answered our prayers!

Looking back there were so many days I blamed God for moving us to New York,  from friends who we loved, and still love, to this day.  Why did God put my kids in that scary place?  Why couldn't He have made life easier on them?

 BECAUSE...God loves my kids more than Me.  He knew my son would learn one of the most valuable lessons in his life.  God cares, God loves him, God answers prayer.  He also knew that lesson would grow him up to Trust God with all of life's problems.  Big or small!

So Happy Birthday guys.  You know I love you and SO DOES GOD!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So I am doing a Beth Moore study on the life of David.  I absolutely love it! (Shocker)  But, the very first night God used the study to speak to my heart.  (Again, Shocker!)

We were studying the name of Saul.  It actually means "Asked For".  I know, you're saying "What's the big deal."  You're right, it's not that big of a deal, unless you read 1 Samuel 8:19-20.  Actually,  1 Samuel 8:1-20.

Here is the summery.  The people of Israel went to Samuel and "Asked For" a king to lead them.  The reason...."So we can be like other nations!"  

Well not only did they reject the Lord as their king, they "Asked For" a king so they could be like everyone else.  It cracked me up to think that God gave the people what they "Asked For".  A man named Saul which means "Asked For"  (Don't tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor!"

It made me start thinking.  How many times have I prayed for my kids, "God just help them fit in?"  (We have moved several times and it's always so hard to watch your kids struggle to make friends and not stick out as "The NEW kids".)

 I want my kids to fit in, because I know how hard it is to feel embarrassed and awkward and insecure.  But here is the truth.  As Children of God, we are NOT suppose to "Fit In".  We are to be the light in this dark world.  Think about that.  Turn off the lights and see how dark it is, then turn on the light.  What a contrast! That is how we are to be in this world.  Not like the other Nations.

Yes, it's hard watching your kids getting mocked because they went to See You At The Pole.  Yes, its hard when they have to explain why they can't date someone who doesn't believe like them.  Yes, it's hard when their friends criticize them for choosing to go to Youth Group instead of a party.  But, would I REALLY want them to "Fit In" and be like the other kids? 

I have been blessed to have 2 of my three children grow into mature, loving, godly adults.  I have 1 still growing, but she is on the right track.  We will pray for godly friends.  We will pray for boldness and courage to stand out.  We will pray for her to love God more than the praise of men!  But the one thing I will NOT be praying.  "Help her fit in and be like other kids!" 

Thank you Lord for NOT giving me what I asked for and help me be careful of what I DO ask for!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


As my son pulled out of the drive, to head back to college, I had that sick feeling in my stomach.  "I'm not going to cry, I'm not going to cry."  I kept saying to myself.  I didn't...right then.  The next day, out of no where, I burst into tears.  "I miss him so much,"  I cried.

No my son is not a freshman.  No this is not the first time he has been home for break and left.  In fact he is a Sr. this year.  He will graduate in May with a college degree.  His Dad and I are very, very proud of the godly man he has become.  YET.....

Why do I cry like it's his first time to leave?   CHANGE.   What does it mean if he graduates?  Will he ever come back home for a full break?  Will he move even further away to work?  It's all change and I hate it...even when it's good.

I heard this about change..." All beginnings are hard.  Change hurts, even when we choose it.  It is frightening, even when we boldly push forward.  It undoes us, and we never know what we will be like when the pieces are put back together again."  Amen!

We like sameness, routine, comfortable!  But Jesus clearly says in scripture...Hebrews 13:8 - Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever"    Only Jesus is the same. 

Max Lucado writes in his book "Just Like Jesus" - "God accepts you just the way you are, But He loves you enough not to let you stay that way.  He wants you to be Just Like Jesus."

So whether its a huge change like having a baby, losing a loved one, losing a job, sending your child into the world, or relocating.  Or a smaller change (But still feels huge to you) the way something is done at work, leadership change, new friends, or just new ideas. 

You have a choice to make.  You can deny it's happening and cry, fight, scream, get depressed, get bitter.  (Been there, done that, got the t-shirt- NOT YOUR BEST CHOICE, change still happens)
You can Cope.  Grit your teeth and endure.  Little bit of complaining and fighting, but as a whole you give it a try and hope it doesn't hurt too bad.
OR You can see it as a Divine Process or in Greek METANOIA = Move from Old to New.  Celebrate the change Get excited about what GOD, the one who loves you and has plans for you, is going to teach you and mold you into!

I wish I could say the latter has been my attitude ever time change has came into my life.  Baahaaha!  But as I am maturing I am learning to Ask What instead of Why? What awesome surprise do you have for me in this situation? Instead of Why can't it stay the same?   I have learned that God has my best at heart and NOTHING, not even man made changes come into my life without filtering through HIS Hands. 

Jeremiah 29:11 " For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

What change has come into your life lately?  Is it BIG or SMALL?  How are you handling it? 

Monday, January 16, 2012


I want to talk about Change.  Does anyone really enjoy it?  Even if it's good, do we jump in with both feet and full enthusiasm.  Yes, if we are the one pushing the change and feeling like we are in control!  But how often does that really happen? 

It starts as newborns.  What child really loves getting their diaper changed?  My kids screamed like I was beating them and when they were big enough to crawl, it looked like WWF.  They squirmed, screamed, flipped, and cried.  Most of the time, they got away with a wipey stuck in their crack crawling as fast as they could.  It was exhausting.  But when it was all said and done, they would give a sigh and feel better.  Why the fight?  Just work with me and be better off when I'm done!

How many times do you think God has wanted to say that to us?  "Stop fighting me! You will be better when I finish"

The bottom line...We fight change because we feel out of control.  But the real root is WE DON'T BELIEVE GOD!

God has told us in Philippians 1:6 - "Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ."
He also says in Romans 8:28 - "We know that all things work together for good, for those who love God and are called according to His purpose."

So all change is for God's good for us.  It's to complete us and make us more like Him. 

We will talk more this week about change and why we fight it, and what to do.  In the meantime, ask yourself what are You fighting God about.  Are you running naked with wipey stuck for no reason at all?  You will feel better when God changes you and you feel clean and comfortable and give a sigh of THANKS!